Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Return of Bruce Wayne 1: Cavetalk

The dialogue in Return of Bruce Wayne #1 is all English (and grunts), but Bruce's speech is slurred and the locals speak in terms of unconventional conceptualizations.

Here is a de-slurred "translation" of Bruce's five utterances, in sequence:

Where am I?
What is this place?

The old man is dead.
I'm sorry.



  1. I thought "Looka!" was more "Look out!"

  2. i enjoyed the issue, it was a very quick read, which is not a bad thing, hopefully the final batman and robin next arc will be pretty dense but who knows, i wonder more than anything how he is traveling from one era to another, i guess we will find out in the omega sanction, but does anyone know exactly rickdad?

  3. Love your blog Rikdad. Would like to share some speculation for issue 2 after seeing the preview for it.


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