Friday, April 1, 2011

Forum: Batman, Inc.

This page is just a place-holder for now. I'm looking into placing a forum at this site. I'll update this as soon as possible.


  1. Unless this was april fools. :*(

  2. Hey Rik,

    This is Amra from the DC Boards. It'll be great to have your voice back in the mix of Batman discourse.

    If you haven't been following the DC boards lately, you might get a kick out of this: Rikdad, Inc.

    All best, partner.

  3. Yes, great news, I need rikdad's take and commentary!

  4. Not a joke! However, it's not quite a promise, either. I need to put in some work and see if the set-up and execution work out. More soon. I hope to put the best opinions you all can offer on the topic in a new spotlight.

  5. Comics Alliance has done some great Batman Inc. Annotations, but overall very few people are talking about the title Batman Inc. on the message boards. I'm enjoying the series so far and would like a small community to discuss the continuing Morrison batman methos. I look forward to this happening if time allows. --johnj1978--dc--msg boards.

  6. Are you willing to share any thoughts on Leviathan Strikes Rikdad?

  7. Hi William,

    At last it came!

    My thoughts about it had been severely deep on the shelf; I thought about re-reading what we'd seen so far or even writings about it, others' and my own, to re-orient myself after the long layoff, but I just didn't have time to. What I'm left with is the feeling of the experience of my first (and so far only) read.

    What I'll say, I'll couch in a comparison to the "Batman" run that ended with RIP: The mystery and fun on the page were comparable, and I think the Argentine plot, with its multiple references to Borges (which I've thought about a lot without having documented much) was magnificent. But this all seemed to be a lot less about Batman and developing his character.

    Clearly Morrison had his fun in dangling clues before us along the way, but mainly rapidly there at the end, with Jezebel played hard as a red herring, and fake-outs to R'as, perhaps Hurt, perhaps others. I didn't see the Talia reveal coming and in fact don't see that it had come or nor do I see great significance in it so far. She's not the "primal, fundamental" foe that the Devil or the Joker are. Good for a yarn -- count the twists since Morrison involved her in his Batman run since the last page of his first issue (Batman #655, now five years in the past!) -- but any significance has yet to come. As a jealous ex, and the mother of Bruce's son, it may well. If Damian or, say, Selina, die at her hand, the tragedy would be particularly biting.

    Also, the story still occupies a timeline which no longer exists, so perhaps the next move will be to jerk it into the post-Flashpoint universe, sweep a few changes under the rug, and move on. I find that much less interesting than Morrison's intentions, but it seems to be necessary.

    I hope others have some thoughts. I have, obviously, left this idea of an Inc forum undeveloped while the series was on hiatus.