Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Batman #686 Dialogue

Here is the full text of the Bruce / Mystery Woman dialogue in Batman #686. Bruce's words are in bold; the woman's in plain text. I also added one line of Alfred's speech because Bruce refers to it directly.

Where am I?
 You're here, in Gotham.
Am I dreaming?
 No, you aren't dreaming.
This is Gotham. I mean, I know it's Gotham, but... it's strange. I know Gotham like I know myself. I know this alley. But it's not right...
 Watch. Wait. You'll see.
That man. That's Joe Chill.
But she's right. He is dead.
But that's... that's me.
This is all wrong.
 No, it's not all wrong.
Who are you?
This is Crime Alley.
 Yes. Very good.
But it hasn't looked like this for sixty years or more. This is crazy...
Why are we here?
 Why? Bruce, you never left.

(Alfred: I'm afraid Mr. Wayne is unable to be with us tonight.)

Why did he say that? Dick? It's Dick...
I'm seeing it all. I'm seeing it as she describes it. But it never happened like this...
 Shh. Just listen to her.
Blood. That's blood...
It's so familiar. But... that was the death of Robin Hood. Not mine.
 No, it was your death. Or at least, it was Batman's.
Alfred...? That's Alfred...
That's ridiculous. Do you know how much of that story is impossible?
Alfred couldn't have been the Joker. I mean, I can see the Joker sitting there. I can...
Am I dead?
 Not yet.
Are you death?
 I don't think death is a person, Bruce.
Then tell me who you are. Tell me what's going on.
 You're the world's greatest detective, Bruce. Why don't you figure it out?

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