Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Random observations on Batman #686

Movie marquis: The Bat Whispers
Someone's gotta be out front, Miss Kyle. Tell people where to go.

Sides, like a wedding. Villain is the bride?

Riddler aware of TV show
Catwoman unaware of Riddler, but he's aware of a Selina Kyle
DKR Oliver Queen
Joker turns into animated version
Catwoman ages, but old before she starts talking
Catwoman story doesn't match the 1940 comics
Batman mishap could match Wayne murder details
"Where am I?" begins story and punctuates Catwoman tale

Mystery woman wants him to watch, is patronizing to him
Calls him Bruce, distinguishes him from Batman
Wants him to listen to Catwoman when she's trying to talk him into
 being "normal"

Jarvis Pennyworth's tombstone: "Good and faithful servant": Biblical phrase that appeared in RIP.

Specifically states that Mrs. Wayne and little Bruce found perfect happiness
Bruce's initial adventure ends with a motorcycle accident, not a fight

Talia is missing, or talking to Gentleman Ghost on p. 12
or in crowd on last page

Someone in a straw hat, red ribbon, is seated in the front right
Two men and a woman are standing against the right wall = Waynes?

Dick Grayson not in costume

Looks like an Alfred seated when Alfred stops talking

"And that Batman... do you think he'd [...] just lie down and die?"

Selina paraphrases Jane Austen (?) and Casablanca


A man and a woman are witnessing the scenes that are illustrated
No one in the scenes can see them
The man is confused and disoriented; he is, or thinks he is,
 Bruce Wayne AKA BAtman
She is unidentified; he is not certain of her identity
She seems to know what's going on
The scenes portray many alternate accounts of the Batman/Gotham history
 the variants that have been published over the years are mixed together in incompatible fashion; it resembles many of them, and none of them; some elements are totally new; alternate versions of Catwoman and Joker appear in the same sitting
The characters span the history from the beginning to the last few years
The woman wants Bruce to pay attention to what he's seeing and to accept it

Event is run as a wake; but crowd divided like a wedding villains on the bride side; friends on the groom side

Martha Wayne is reading Bruce a story "The Goodnight Book", bat on the cover "Where am I"?

This story is obviously parallel to the 1986 Alan Moore Superman story. In that story, Superman ends up with the woman we always knew he would end up with. So does the same thing happen here?

Strawman Explanations

Bruce is bleeding to death, delirious; Selina is talking him into settling down with her

Bruce is in Talia's clutches; she is talking him into settling down with her

Martha and Bruce are in some surreal state; she is his guide in this look at his life behind/ahead

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