Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who Will Win BFTC?

"This story isn't a mystery" -- Tony Daniel

It sure isn't. Just a couple of comments break it down very efficiently. In a March interview, Grant Morrison said that the Batman he'll be writing after BFTC will be a "light-hearted and spontaneous Batman" with a "scowling, badass Robin"

Now, go back one year. Morrison spoke about how different characters would be if they were Batman.

Tim: "grim and determined." Is that "light-hearted and spontaneous"? No.

Dick: "kind of a circus Batman. He’d smile a lot more. He’d be really fun.” Is that "light-hearted and spontaneous"? Yes.

Damian: "he’d be the hard-ass Batman. He’d happily pull your head off, if need be." Is "hard-ass" about the same as "badass"? Yes.

Done deal. Dick will be Batman and Damian will be Robin. For all of the hoopla over Tony Daniel having given it away (he didn't), it was already laid out directly by Grant Morrison.

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  1. Not to mention the notorious Tony Daniel blog post where he displayed artwork for the new Batsuit design that clearly says "Dick" to the right in the notes. He tried to pass it off as one of three potential drawings, but a week or so later that same image shows up on DCU as the cover for Batman 687. I always had my suspicions that Grayson would don the cape and cowl once again, but seeing what I just explained made me pretty stoked for the next year of Batman stories. I liked Prodigal, and Nightwing has grown as a character since the days right after Jean Paul Valley's AzBat rampage. Hopefully the writer does a better job of portraying him than Tony Daniel has done in BFTC issues 1 and 2.